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Optimize your productivity while ensuring the safety of your operators

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    Engineer or Methods Manager, Ergonomist… optimize the productivity of your workstations while ensuring the safety of your operators with Tecnomatix® Jack Human Simulation: your digital ergonomic modeling software.

    Opérateur en poste
    Assess posture, accessibility and reachability
    Deux opérateurs en poste
    Compare simulated movements from key postures
    Rouages qui tournent
    Validate complete sequences of operations
    opérateur et machines
    Evaluate ergonomics workstations
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    Generate work instructions
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      Additional packages to meet all your requirements

      The advanced option provides additional analysis tools to perform in-depth ergonomic studies of manual workstations. These tools include a biomechanical model, analysis of the static strength of the population and analysis of the risk of a back injury.

      Generate accurate motion in an instant and create real-time visualization of human activities. This technology is an ideal way to improve the way you review manufacturing processes and product designs.

      Optimize your productivity while ensuring the safety of your operators at several levels

      Product design

      Perform ergonomic analyses and assessments of load, clearance, strength and vision…

      Ergonomie Product

      Process Design

      Confirm the manual assembly operations. Identify if there is sufficient rest time in the cycle to avoid the risk of injury due to fatigue …

      Aperçu Jack Human

      Maintenance / Repair

      Identify maintenance hazards at an early stage and improve serviceability in terms of reach, clearance, visibility, safety during maintenance/repair operations…

      Aperçu Jack Human


      In particular, generate 3D illustrations for manuals and worksheets…

      Ergonomie Training

      Advantages of modeling & simulation workstations

      Better control of the ergonomics of a workstation and associated musculoskeletal disorder
      Sizing and optimization of workstations
      Better control of training and turnover costs
      Improving productivity and financial performance

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      About licenses

      Concurrent Licence : Floating version, the installation is done on a server which distributes the license to any user who has the client file installed on his workstation

      Licence Name User : version attached to a single user (a windows session) it can either be installed on a server or on the client workstation.

      Licence Node Locked : fixed version on a single station which cannot be transferred to another station.

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