Dynamic flow simulation for the development of a corporate restaurant

As part of the Michelin Group’s head office modernization program, a study was carried out among company restaurant’s users. It has led to areas of development to meet their needs in terms of: speed of cash desks, availability of seats, restaurant atmosphere, comfort.

Tecnomatix Plant Simulation software has been used to model and simulate the user flows in the distribution area and in the cash desks. The bottlenecks and to propose resorption tracks could be highlighted by Michelin and Sodexo teams. These leads have been tested to validate the solutions to be implemented and to determine the right amount needed in terms of investments.

Flow simulation objectives

  • Simulate the behavior of users from entering the restaurant until they go through the cash desks
  • Identify the bottlenecks in the distribution area of ​​the various stands to work on their elimination.
  • Collect and analyze the different data necessary for a possible reorganization of the restaurant.

A necessary flow simulation project

Three main challenges on this project:

  • Eliminate a strong irritant to the site staff by dealing with the current dysfunctions of the company restaurant (waiting time in the distribution area, noise level, etc.).
  • Reinforce the image of this place as a moment of sharing and meeting with all employees and visitors.
  • Allow multi-use of these new spaces.

Only a flow dynamic study can model the line-up throughout the service (11:30 am – 2 pm) and to validate the solutions to be implemented.

Gérard Munier
Head of modernization program of the Michelin Group head office.

Key indicators analyzed

Waiting time

Stands line-up

Cash desks line-up

Seating line-up

Occupation rate

Technical solutions proposed

Improved stand performance:

  • Objective of less than 5 seconds on the service time at the grill and world stands.

  • Modification of the methods of restocking the various stands and saving labor time by reorganizing two bottleneck stands.

Modification of the distribution of funds:

Replacement of a manual cash desk by an automatic one.

A new application of flow simulation for Michelin and Inoprod

Collaboration with Michelin technical teams around flow simulation is systematically oriented towards “industrial performance of production flow”. For the first time, Inoprod was sollicited to size a company mess hall.

We have quickly adapted our methods to create a digital model representative of the progress of people in this environment and to simulate different scenarios for the implementation of catering modules, human resources, cash desks and dining areas. Everything has been done at Inoprod to meet this challenge and make this study a success.

The availability of Mr. Munier and SODEXO as well as the responsiveness of the discussions were one of the keys to the success of this project, both in terms of quality and in terms of meeting ambitious milestones.

François Haroux, Flow simulation team leader

"A very fruitful collaboration with Inoprod: a project carried out in a few days, a small amount of study in relation to the investments, solutions to reduce the line-up which primarily concern the human organization and not the investment."
A first fruitful collaboration
Gérard Munier - Head of modernization program of the Michelin Group head office.

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    Dynamic flow simulation for the development of a corporate restaurant

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