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Industrial data management

Manage and value your industrial data to make the right decisions

Using data in the industry

Data is one of the most valuable assets: it provides information on suppliers, customers, employees, machine specifications, historical performance, expected performance, schedule, product information and more again.

With the digitization of many industrial processes, more and more data are being collected and are easily accessible. As data collection has grown, our ability to store, analyze and present it has increased. In-depth analyzes and results presented in the form of a decision support dashboard are now a minimum requirement for making strategic and business decisions.

Stakes of industrial data management

both in terms of speed and storage, properly managed data can reduce the time and overhead of managing a system or performing studies and analysis.
data stored in a common place and format can be much more easily exploited, compared, analyzed and presented.
Sharing and accessibility
when data is stored in a common format and accessed through a widely used language, the ease of collection and distribution among partners, departments and colleagues is greatly improved.
Traceability and accountability
when everything is tracked and recorded, understanding of historical events and performance are greatly enhanced.
databases provide the ability to manage access rights to connections, ensuring that only users can access what is authorized to them. Another feature of databases that contributes to data security is backup jobs.

Inoprod supports you in the valorization of your industrial data

Our experts are used to dealing with industrial data and can carry out various architectural and management operations to ensure successful use of your data in your projects.

In our projects, we use different database technologies, including Microsoft SQL Server, mySql and SQLite, as well as different database connection APIs, such as ODBC and ADO. We also use databases that automatically interact with Tecnomatix Plant Simulation and Microsoft Power BI.

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