More flexible and efficient production lines with Tecnomatix® Plant Simulation.

The Mecatherm Group is specialized in the design, manufacture, and installation of equipment & automatic production lines for the bakery, Viennese pastry, and industrial pastry sector.

In order to meet the challenges of speed of commissioning and flexibility of its customers’ production lines, Mecatherm has acquired Tecnomatix® Plant Simulation solution to create the M-PLAN offer. In this context, Mecatherm has been helped by Inoprod to bring this project to life.

Challenges of the mecatherm simulation project

Create an M-PLAN decision-support tool for its customers to:

  • Better manage the format changeover of production lines
  • Secure their investment choices

Accelerate production line commissioning time

Create a pre-sales tool to better represent and explain the functioning of MECATHERM lines.

Logo Mecatherm

M-PLAN: an ambitious and indispensable project for our customers

At the end of 2017, we started to think about the adoption of new digital tools for the industry of the future. We had an ambitious project of:

  • Represent our production lines in 3D
  • Explain how our production lines work through simulation
  • Create a digital twin to virtually validate the equipment upstream of the installation at the customer’s site and better control the production.

The use of Tecnomatix® Plant Simulation proved to be the best solution for the creation of the M-PLAN offer and meet the challenges of flexibility in the lines of production of our customers.

Jean-Baptiste GROSPERRIN

Jean-Baptiste GROSPERRIN

Project Manager simulation and production lines

Inoprod, a key player in the success of the project

From the integration of the Siemens Tecnomatix® Plant Simulation software solution, through training, to the support in the creation of models and equipment libraries, Inoprod played a key role in the creation of the M-PLAN offer.

Software integration
Tecnomatix® Plant Simulation
Basic training
Plant simulation
Training on Plant simulation
Virtual commissioning

Pictures of M-PLAN tool

Inoprod has shown reactivity and efficiency to make the M-PLAN project a success! A very good relationship between Inoprod and Mecatherm was quickly established. The availability, support and training offered by Inoprod helped us to quickly become autonomous.
Inoprod has demonstrated reactivity and efficiency
Jean Baptiste GROSPERRIN - Project Manager simulation and production lines

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    More flexible and efficient production lines with Tecnomatix® Plant Simulation.

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