All companies, whatever their size, present risks related to their activities and infrastructures that may have more or less significant consequences for employees, property, the environment, the company’s image and the economy. Identifying, assessing and dealing with risks proactively are essential to ensure the company’s long-term profitability.

Inoprod trains you in industrial risk management through a set of training modules adapted to your needs.

Name Duration Goals
Pratiquer l’AMDEC Produit - Process * 2 day(s) Devenir autonome et opérationnel en analyse des risques.
Méthode d’analyse des risques industriels** 2 day(s) Sécuriser son activité industrielle au travers d’une analyse efficiente des risques.
Usability – IEC 62366 *** 1 day(s) Maîtriser les exigences de la norme IEC 62366 et sa mise en oeuvre.

The workshop format - Inoprod adapts itself

Let’s work together on a training program, specific to the needs and context of your company. Contact us to know more.