Industrial engineering

Help your teams to become autonomous in the management of a flow or robotized process study project thanks to our training path. We offer a set of methodological training program, laying the foundations of the theory related to the simulation of industrial flows and processes, modeling and project management.

In addition, several modules are also available to raise your awareness of risk assessment and prevention.

Aperçu process simulate
Name Duration Goals
Organize your production 2 day(s) Evaluate the quality of the industrial organization and to provide reliable recommendations on work type and planning to be undertaken.
Manage your flow study project 2 day(s) Know the tools and good practices of project management in flow study.
Organization of a project in flow simulation 2 day(s) Be acquainted with the tools and their implementation around a structured method to define the steps of construction and analysis of a flow simulation model.
Name Duration Goals
The robotic process simulation skill 1 day(s) Acquire a vision of new simulation tools and new techniques for the development of robotized industrial processes.
Organize a robotization project 1 day(s) Learn the methodology for organizing a robotics project (existing) or robotization (creation) on an industrial production line.
Organize a Process Simulate study 2 day(s) Acquire best practices in PSI project management (StandAlone).
Name Duration Goals
Flow Simulation - Discovery 1 day(s) Introduce the simulation of industrial flows to students or teachers. Understand the stakes and objectives of flow simulation in the industrial context.
Industrial Flow Simulation with Tecnomatix Plant Simulation 8 day(s) Learn how to use Plant Simulation for a study of industrial flows.
Tecnomatix Process Simulate Discovery 2 day(s) Know the environment of Process Simulate and know the basic actions.
Tecnomatix Process Simulate Complet 5 day(s) Know the Process Simulate environment, create a simulation model and use the main analysis functions of the standard mode.

The workshop format - Inoprod adapts itself

Let’s work together on a training program, specific to the needs and context of your company. Contact us to know more.