Software solutions

Help your teams to become autonomous in the management of a flow or robotized process study project through the mastery of reference software solutions:

– Tecnomatix Plant Simulation: the production flow simulation software

– Tecnomatix Process Simulate: the software for robotic process simulation

Numerous modules are available to ensure a progressive skills improvement on the different software solutions to be completely autonomous.

All of these training courses can be delivered according to company conditions.

Plant simulation
Name Duration Goals
Plant Simulation Basics 5 day(s) Create production flow simulation models.
Plant Simulation 3D 2 day(s) Control over the utlization of the 3D
Plant Simulation Advanced 4 day(s) Develop complementary skills related to specific tools for modeling, user interface development and simulation analysis.
Programming Module 2 day(s) Develop a programming methodology in Plant Simulation, giving you the opportunity to implement "Standard" industrial production strategies, user interfacing tools and data management tools.
Module IHM 2 day(s) Create user interfaces to use and introduce models more in line with the expectations of the tools of the Digital Industry.
Analysis Tools Module 2 day(s) Know how to use Plant Simulation tools in order to exploit and deepen the level of analysis of the results obtained by the simulations.
Virtual commissioning module 2 day(s) Use Plant Simulation's communication interfaces to be connected to an automaton and test production line control and supervision programs.
Name Duration Goals
Process Simulate Initiation 2 day(s) Connaître les possibilités techniques de l’outil au travers d’une démonstration de mise en œuvre et d’utilisation des fonctions de l’outil.
Le Virtual Commissioning et Process Simulate (Conférence) 0.5 day(s) Comprendre l’intérêt du Virtual Commissionning dans l’industrie d’aujourd’hui.
Process Simulate Basics 5 day(s) Know the Process Simulate environment, create a simulation model and use the main analysis functions of the standard mode.
Process Simulate Intermediate 4 day(s) Comprendre la méthodologie de travail, les outils et les fonctions du mode de simulation de ligne.
Process Simulate Advanced 3 day(s) Use Process Simulate to configure, simulate and load or extract programs for robots.
Part flow simulation 4 day(s) Implement a work environment and robotics tools in process simulate (prerequisite for the implementation of robotics studies).
Module Spot 3 day(s) Use Process Simulate for studies of robotic cells in connection with spot welding or discrete processes.
Module Paint 2 day(s) Use Process Simulate for studies of robotic cells related to the paint industry.
Module CMFG 2 day(s) Use Process Simulate for studies of Robotized cells in connection with continuous process jobs.
Pick & Place trajectory development module 1 day(s) Create simulation models of Pick & Place robotic cell
Using Process Simulate + Jack Human 5 day(s) Create Human simulation models in order to validate the ergonomics of the human operations of an industrial line or an industrial process.

The workshop format - Inoprod adapts itself

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