Examples of projects performed by our experts

Validation of the casing geometry of an incinerator before launching into production

Our client, specialized in the study, design and manufacture of special machines, robotic integration, heavy boiler making, mechanical welding, assembly, testing and start-up on site, was commissioned to manufacture a new Casing an incinerator. He relied on our expertise in finite element calculation to demonstrate that the new Casing meets the operational requirements and thus validate the design of the installation in accordance with Eurocodes (ELU / ELS).

The use of the finite element calculation method made it possible to simulate the behavior of the product in its context of use to highlight any possible failures and optimizations. The objective is for the customer to overcome these risks and to secure the manufacture and installation of the new casing.

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Dismantling of a uranium enrichment plant

The technical and financial issues associated with dismantling operations constitute a major challenge for the coming decades. Orano (formerly Areva), a key player in this sector of activity, wishes to effectively prepare for this work. In this context, we intervened to prepare for the complete dismantling of the Georges-Besse plant. The challenge: upstream of the actual start of work, control the safety of people and the site, the deadlines, costs, investments and resources required over time for the completion of this large-scale project.

After having developed a flow simulation model, we analyzed many scenarios that allowed Orano to make strategic choices leading to:

• Reduce the time taken for the dismantling program by 30%

• Significantly reduce OPEX / CAPEX investments.

A real success story !

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