Metal industry

Located upstream of the industrial value chain, the metal industry today covers a wide range of industrial activities from the extraction and transformation to finished products. It is an essential supply for the construction, aerospace, automotive … Actors and processes must seize the opportunities offered by digital technologies to build an economically robust plant of the future that meets environmental requirements.

Examples of projects performed by our experts

Securing the mechanical strength and performance of a cylinder

As part of the development of a new flat cylinder, intended to be used on a hydraulic press, our customer wanted to validate the technical choices by simulating before manufacturing. Inoprod supported the sizing phase by studying, via a finite element model, the global and local deformations of the system, as well as the constraints of all the components. In order to guarantee the mechanical strength of the structural assembly and the performance of the cylinder, this study resulted in the selection of new material and a change in the geometric definition of certain components.

Tenues mécaniques vérin

Creation and expansion of an industrial site

As part of the search for the optimization of the rapid steel bar production process, our client, specializing in the production and transformation of metals, wished to validate the capacity of the process and the associated CAPEX. Inoprod, thanks to simulation, supported the client in:

  • The proof of concept of the capacity in comparison with the existing.
  • Predictive analysis of HR, material and property needs for different supply chain assumptions integrating multi-site aspects and different types of an implementation strategy (Greenfield / Brownfield).
Site industriel métallurgique

30% reduction in work in progress and lead times by using the flow simulation

Our client wanted to carry out a dynamic and detailed flow study, to establish new methods of organization, planning and scheduling, and improve the industrial performance of its wire processing means. Inoprod built an adapted flow simulation model that integrated the interactions between 3 sites located on two continents. A 3D representation at the scale of production means and human resources which made it possible to establish the optimum organization allowing a 30% reduction in outstandings and lead times.

Pièces en métal

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