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Example of projects performed by our experts

Optimization and validation of the attached bucket

As part of the development of new couplers, ACB Pume, a company specialized in boiler making, subcontracting and the production of accessories for the civil engineering and agriculture sectors, wished to optimize and validate the new designs of its attached buckets that integrate the bucket and coupler components.

The construction of a finite element numerical model helped the Inoprod team to simulate the behavior of the product to anticipate system failures and to propose the appropriate optimizations. The objective is to avoid the risk of breakage and to secure the production launch.

Tractopelle en action

Wind stability check of a structure

Our client specialized in the building sector and more precisely in the conveying of materials, called Inoprod as part of a new design project for a conveyor assembly. After the need’s analysis, our calculation experts proposed to carry out a study to verify the stability of the structure placed on the ground under the effects of the wind. Inoprod could validate the stability of the structure and to size the railing.

Tractopelle remplissant un camion

Support for the development of a cleaning system

During their use, public works equipment is subjected to severe testing as the environmental conditions are demanding. Our client, a manufacturer of construction equipment, request Inoprod for the redesign phase of an automatic cleaning system that had previously failed. We have implemented our experience and our project methodology to support our client in this development. Requirement specification, Functional Analysis, Specifications, Product FMEA, Matrix of choice, Test plan and protocols have been performed to characterize and secure the design of the system, in close collaboration with the client project team who benefited from of this project to review and improve its work methodology.

A functional product is good, a functional and industrialized product is better!

In parallel with this development work including the requirements associated with the means of production in place, our expertise in an industrial organization was also used.

After performing a field audit of the existing manufacturing processes, we intervened in the industrial reorganization of the production site in anticipation of a major “ramp-up" and have had a series of good practices implemented to ensure operator productivity and safety.

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