Optimize and validate new designs of a product before the launch of production

The company ACB Pume is specialized in boiler making, subcontracting and the realization of accessories for the sectors of public works and agriculture.

Within the framework of the development of new couplings intended for public works, ACB Pume wishes to optimize and validate the new designs of its bucket clamps which integrate the following components: Bucket & Coupler.

The construction of a numerical model by finite element, via the Ansys Workbench software, allowed Inoprod to simulate the behavior of the product in its context of use in order to highlight possible failures and optimizations. The objective is to avoid these risks and to secure the production launch of a validated design.

Simulation objectives

  • Simulate the mechanical behavior of the bucket/coupler assembly during critical product life phases: Cavage, Striking Effort, and Lifting.
  • Analyze the displacements and stresses in each of the components, for each load case, to highlight the undersized areas on which optimization was necessary.
  • Propose and define optimization paths in the case of identified undersizing.

Technical solutions proposed

Optimization of the geometrical shape:

  • The coupler to limit deformation and stress
  • Lifting lugs to meet lifting requirements

Reinforcement of the welded area between coupler and bucket to limit punching.

Key indicators

Travel under load

Von Mises constraints for each component

Hertz pressure

"ACB PUME is not to be outdone when it comes to innovation and development projects, but sometimes our internal resources are insufficient. The collaboration with the company INOPROD allowed us to progress very quickly and efficiently on our projects. As a result, we were able to launch our TRIGGER System range of couplings with the assurance that product quality is maintained from design to use. Congratulations to the whole team!"
Innovation... from project to optimization!
Didier CINQUIN - Director of ACB Pume

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