Conception, optimization of production cell

Inoprod helps you to get successful on optimizing the performance of your robotic cells

Inoprod supports you in the design, development and optimization phases of your industrial processes. The use of innovative software and the high level of our team’s expertise helps you to secure your investments and your technological choices. Our commitment is fixed, and our services are offered in terms of costs and results.

Modeling and simulation of your industrial process

With the 3D process simulation, we can integrate all your design steps (installation of machines, settings, PLC program, etc.) and then realised a digital twin.

Analysis of your needs

This step begins by working with you to define your needs and determine the necessary input data:

  • 3D models to be implemented
  • Behavior of the industrial process
  • Operating logic (Grafcet)
  • Detailed robot paths

All these elements will be explained in a technical report.

Making the digital twin

All the information gathered during the needs analysis then helps us to build a digital twin. This modeling will integrate all the 3D models constituting your industrial process as well as all the elements necessary for piloting the line. These elements will allow the simulation of the process while respecting the control logic planned with you.

This step includes the configuration of industrial robots with a definition of their characteristics as well as their paths. This setting can be done directly in the software or by importing the robot program.

From this step, the realization of the manufacturing cycle is possible in order to validate a machine cycle time. It is also possible to detect malfunctions such as robot collisions for example.


This last optional step allows the digital twin to be connected directly to a PLC. This allows the process control logic to be tested and changes could be made if it is necessary.

Management and support for project

Inoprod can support you in the management of industrial projects:

  • Planning and scheduling of tasks (GANTT, critical path, etc.)
  • Coordination of project teams
  • Project risk management (FMEA)
  • The definition and management of project indicators
  • The organization of reporting and internal and external communication

Integration and training on virtual commissioning software

Inoprod supports you in your digital transformation by integrating virtual commissioning software:

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